Viviamo da qualche anno nel paese di Novaledo, a 30 km da Trento. Questa località ci permette di coltivare la nostra grande passione per i Chow Chow che seguiamo con amore e dedizione. I nostri cani sono parte a tutti gli effetti della nostra famiglia, condividono con noi gli spazi sia di giorno che di notte vivendo l' ambiente interno e circostante con assoluta libertà. La nostra casa e' pensata per le loro necessità e benessere oltre che per noi. 

Tor Quadra

La Tor Quadra e' un rudere di un'antica fortezza edificata nel XIII secolo a protezione dell' allora confine tra le province di Trento e Feltre. Situata alle porte del paese di Novaledo per me ne e' il simbolo storico nonchè porta di casa.

About me

The red female didn't take that long to come into my life, her name is Kisses of the Golden Girl del Ceppo Rosso, she is really beautiful and loving. After her, Lovelace del Ceppo Rosso came into my family, because of my desire of a black male.

My Didi stood up immediately for he strong predisposition to dog shows, her temperament and morphological characteristics made her appreciate not only in Italy but also in Europe. In a few months she became Italian, Austrian, Swiss and International Champion, collecting other titles like the Österreichischer BundesSiegerin in 2013, best of breed at the Swiss and Austrian Club match in 2013, repeating BOB at the Austrian Club Match in 2014 and Winter Winner in Celje in Slovenia in 2015.
Lace completed his title too and in 2014 he was proclaimed Austrian Champion.
2013 and 2014 were two memorable years, thanks to the trips to the exhibitions I came into contact with the major exponents of the breed in Europe. In England I participated at Crufts in 2013 and I was there again in 

2014, I keep in my heart all that meetings, because during those occasions.

In 2013 I imported a black female from Russia. Her name is Simauta Dess Night by Night, daughter of MultiCh. Miketilla Moon River and grand daughter of MutiCh. Simauta Dess Logris. 

Chow family increased with a smooth red female  Sunny, Ultra Sun Glitter del Ceppo Rosso. The world of smooth Chow Chow won me at last, as a matter of fact that Chow Chow breed can not be loved all the way, without having known this variety too.

In 2015 my first litter, so much desired and loved...

One doughter of Lace and Didi stayed with me: Nunki (Nunki Sigma Sagittarii). Then I kept Edel (You are my Edelweiss) from Lace and Milù's litter

I have got the idea of a specialized and non-commercial breeding: Chow Chows have free access to my house, they share with me all the inner spaces and the garden, day and night. They are part of my family. I like watching their gestures, their daily relationships, their mutual affection, their funny extravagance.
I believe this is the true essence of breeding that has conquered me and that leads me to do my best for them and for what they embody.

I have signed the Code of Ethics of Italian Kennel Club E.N.C.I. and I am a member of A.N.I.C.C. - Associazione Nazionale Italiana Chow Chow  - I share the life of the Club in an active and proactive way.

My litters grow with love and dedication, puppies live in my family from the first days of their life and are accompanied to the discovery of the world with particular attention to the so-called "learning windows". Future owners also play an important role in the psychoattitudinal development of the future adult, and I firmly believe in the fundamental importance of the support of the breeder to the members of the new family.

First met

My passion for this breed started one day of some years ago. It was winter and I was in the mountains with some friends, sitting and enjoying the sun of a beautiful day. Suddenly we saw a wonderful dog coming towards us walking quietly. The owner was calling it in our direction. It was a female, a red female, now I do not remember its morphology, at the time I did not give importance to this aspect, but I can still feel the wonder in seeing that dog, so proud and so resembling a lion!
It sat next to us, apparently disinterested in the constant calls from her owner, and enjoyed our caresses and the infinite compliments. Then it decided to second its human friend and it walked towards her with the same tranquillity with which it had got to us.
Back home, I rushed in search for ... a red female ... beautiful ... proud ... loving ...
... everything started in this way...


Passion for a dog breed has to be supported by the continuous search for information and by the study of the main areas of relevance. Since the beginning I have gathered volumes, articles and insights on Chow Chows, collecting any kind of information could help me in the growth of competence. The research has sometimes not been easy and some books have had a considerable price, but I see them as part of the heritage of the race, and therefore of immeasurable value.

Over the years I have attended various events, training courses for dogs and internships:

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01 September 2012 - Marsciano (PG) 

with Anna Agevnina (RU) in collaboration with A.N.I.C.C. 


03 November 2012 - Vignarello (No)    02 june 2013 - Volta Mantovana (MN)    06 October 2013 - Roma

of Isabella Milani 


28-29 May 2016 - Barcelona (E)

organized by Nuria e Raquel Vigo, Luisa Noguera Feliu


5-6 July 2016   27-28 September 2016    29-30 November 2016    Cremona, Trecchi Palace

of E.N.C.I. - Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana     and

A.N.M.V.I. - Associazione Nazionale Medici Veterinari Italiani


29 April 2017 - Volta Mantovana (Mn)

with Dr. Paola Palagiano organized by A.N.I.C.C.

25 January 2018 - Legnano (MI)
10th Meeting Monge


08 February 2018 - Pavia 

with Dr. Maria Cristina Veronesi and Dr. Ezio Ferroglio



di Francesca Caliari

Master Allevatore cinofilo ENCI ANMVI 2016

Allevamento per la selezione della razza Chow Chow

nelle varietà a pelo lungo e pelo corto riconosciuto ENCI FCI

38050 Novaledo - Trento


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