I was born in Trento, in the north east of Italy. My home was on the hills above the city. I was much younger then my two brothers and so animals were my daily friend, all animals

It happened that my aunts, returning from a fair, spoiled me with geese and chicks rather than with the usual toys .

Daddy liked all the poultry animals and mum transmitted me the love for the most defenceless creatures, so that I helped her take care of a little bird still unable to feed on its own, of a poor dove with a broken wing or of a small curly.
From goldfish to parakeets, from hens to geese and bunnies but above all cats and dogs and their puppies, in my home used to live any kind of species. I loved playing with all of them and I think this helped create my natural ability to understand them, a kind of empathy and a feeling of mutual trust.
Dogs were my greatest passion was, I spent my time learning and reading about the characteristics of the different breeds. I remember each one of my dogs: Laika, Liuk, Holly and Lucky ... nobody was a pure breed dog, but they were unique and I loved them for this reason too. Lucky in particular ... brought home from a bad kennel and hidden from mum and dad. As an adult he turned out to have a difficult temperament but it has always been a good giant with me.