Highland's Lily


Highland's Lily
Among the arid moors of Mongolian highlands stands out a flower as simple as precious,
the ancestor of all Liliaceae group.
A remote land, the ideal cradle for this noble and rare plant, as well as for the Chow Chow breed, which has crossed the ages and has come to us as pure as the air of those boundless places. 
Mongolia, the wild lily and the
Chow Chow

We are living in an age of change and destruction, but there are certain things which should not be changed or destroyed.

In the Chow Chow we have one of few unspoiled treasures that remain, a rarity, a basic breed still more ore less uncorrupted by the ruthless march of progress. A natural animal, and until a century ago as much wild as the undomesticated.

Intelligence, dignity, beauty and that untouchableness which is the hallmark of all God's free creatures. We allude to it possessively as being OUR breed. Bu it is also a responsability, handed down throughout the ages. We are only the custodians, and as such we have the duty to preserve it for posterity

C.E. Collet - The Chow Chow  - 1953

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di Francesca Caliari

Master Allevatore cinofilo ENCI ANMVI 2016

Allevamento per la selezione della razza Chow Chow

nelle varietà a pelo lungo e pelo corto riconosciuto ENCI FCI

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